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This is a lesson that focuses on Reading Comprehension Plus Writing Prompt: Who are the ama? Grade 3


Do your students have issues with retaining comprehension of what they read?  


Are your students reluctant to write essays? 


My Reading Comprehension + Writing Prompt lessons will help you with these issues. I used these lessons with my online students and my own kids when I homeschooled them. The catch is the short story format in which each story is a science or history topic, each one is different. This keeps kids interested and gives them options for what to write about. Also an added bonus in that your student is getting some science or history lessons. I have seen students learn to love reading again with these short lessons. 


In these Reading Comprehension + Writing Prompt lessons, students will read a short story. Then answer the 5 comprehension questions. On the last page, there is a writing prompt/question for students to answer and write 1-2 paragraphs answering the question(s). The answers to the comprehension questions are in the story. The last page also has a picture(s) and sometimes a video having to do with the lesson. 


How I use this product: 

In my classroom, I use this mostly with one-on-one online students, having the student read the story aloud to me, while I help them with any words they have difficulty with. Next we answer the 5 comprehension questions together, with some discussion as needed.  After reading 3 stories, I would have the student choose which one was their favorite story, and answer the essay question(s) for that story. I would have students use a google doc (link I provide with shared documents), typing up their answer to the questions. This allows me to see what they are writing in real time and then I am able to help them with spelling, grammar, or sentence structure as they need it. If typing is not an option, I would have them use paper and pencil and write out their response. I would use the white board in zoom to help them with any help they might need, and I would tell them to copy what I typed on the screen. This works well with younger students who don’t type. 


If the student knows what they want to write, I provide them time to write up their response, then I give them feedback on their writing once they say they are finished. If they are stuck on what to write, I would provide discussion back and forth asking them questions to help prompt them to think of a response. Sometimes I would even give them examples they can choose from. If they can verbally give me a response, then after they complete their verbal response I would tell them to write that. 


My Product Includes

  • 3 short stories (science or history topics)
  • Each story has 5 comprehension questions
  • Each story has 1-2 essay questions
  • Pictures and/or videos included on the story topic to provide further study on the topic. 



I have full product lines for each grade level for Grades 1-8. All the bundles include a bonus resource of my planning list for the corresponding grade level complete product line. You can buy the whole product line for your grade, or you can buy them individually to create your own lesson plan. Some of the stories also are in bundles according to topics: Science, History, Holidays…etc. 


Bonus Activity: Use the 5 comprehension questions in interactive online games like,,, I use these in my online classroom, and students love them. 


This is where you can find more stories, check it out here:




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Who are the Ama? Reading Comprehension Lesson

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