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Why can't I meet my goals?

Why can't I keep on task and get my tasks completed?

Why can't I keep to my schedule I set?

Making a schedule is half the battle, once you have a schedule written out, keeping to the schedule is one of the biggest obstacles that most people have a hard time overcoming.

🧠 Mental Blocks are part of the issues, something within our mind keep us from completing our tasks and making ourselves achieve our goals. This can be pretty much anything. It is different for each person.

How do we overcome this issue?

When we don’t get something completed, we need to move it to next day/availability, and celebrate what we did accomplish that day. Mental mind shift. Looking at the positive and not focusing on the negative. 👍

Some have said it takes up to 2-3 weeks to establish a new habit. Best thing we can do is make the schedule, keep trying daily to keep to the schedule to complete tasks, and accomplish goals until we have reached the point of several weeks of establishing this new habit. Then when we look back we will see how it is now something we can do easily as we have established a habit. 🙂

Want help getting yourself on a schedule?

Need that accountability partner?

As a VA I offer this as part of my services. It can be done in an hourly service or as a monthly payment for a certain amount of time.

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