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What's new in my world?

Hi, so I made this video for you to see what is new in my world and what is going to be changing over the next few weeks.

Basically I am going to be phasing out Teacher Kathy and bringing forward Katzz The VA.

Why you might ask?

Well I am basically burned out on teaching and I want to have a more flexible schedule to be able to travel and see my grandkids. Yes, believe it or not I am a grandma. We are calling me Granny K. 😊

I have one grandson who will be 1 yr old on July 4th, He is a fourth of July baby. 🎆

An he will be a big brother in Aug of this year. The are expecting baby #2. 💗

So for now I am still teaching on Outschool and you will be seeing posts on my talking about my teaching, but the focus will be more on How to create things I use in my online teaching business and how I can do this for others in the online world as a VA.

For the full update check out my video on YT.

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