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What animal makes bubbles in leaves?

Have you every wondered this?

Does this title make you want to learn more?

This is the type of story I use in my online teaching classes and I have loaded these stories (lessons) into my TPT store to share with you all.

This story tells you about a little bug that make kind of like a cocoon out of bubbles. This is to protect itself.

The reason I am writing this to share with you what types of lesson I sell in my TPT store. These are lessons I used with my own kids while homeschooling them. This gave them practice with their reading, comprehension of the story they read by answering the 5 questions that are with each story. Then at the end of each story is an essay question. I would have them answer this in a short 1-2 paragraph essay.

These lessons are for grade 1-8, I have loaded grades 1-3 in my TPT store. The grade 4 stories are coming next. But I am happy to share any grade with you if you ask. :)

In my online classes, I have each student read 3 stories out loud to me in class, we answer the 5 comprehension questions for each story together in class. Then I have the student choose 1 of the three stories to answer the essay question in a short essay writing assignment. I give students the option to write it on paper and then take a picture of their writing and share it with me in the online classroom. Or they can type it in a share google slides doc with me and then I can see their typing in real time. Then I give them feedback on their writing as needed right there in class.

I do have to admit that this was the main way I had my kids learn science and history in their homeschooling. The found the text books to be to boring. These stories kept their interest and usually they would want to keep reading more.

Go and check out these stories on my TPT store now and see what types of fun topics I have up there.

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