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Want to move your Outschool Flex Classes off platform?

So, with all the new changes Outschool has been doing with their platform, it has left a lot of teacher in a head spin of wondering what to do,

  • how to proceed,

  • should the keep going with Outschool,

  • should they move their classes of platform

  • Where to move their classes to?

  • Can they host them on their own website?

  • Where do they start?

Well your in luck because as an online teacher and a Virtual Assistant (VA), I can help you with this. I too am not sure I want to continue with my flex classes on the Outschool platform because of the biggest change I don't think I agree with, SUBSCRIPTIONS!

These subscriptions are going to be a way for parents to access our content without actually taking our new and improved self paced courses. But we are not going to be paid per download, we are going to be paid from a general pool of teachers, dispersed according a point system. And this point system is according to ratings from parents and how well your classes are doing on outschool...... I have to admit I am not completely sure how it works, but what I understand, it doesn't sound good. And I know I won't get much from it.

I personally think that we should be paid per download-

So this being said, these flex classes are the easiest way to make income I think on your own, because you can just load the content on your own website, set what ever price you want, and people can download it. :)

I am going to work on getting my flex classes up on my website and start promoting on my social media which I already have set up.

If you would like to do the same, reach out, let's connect, I will happily help you. You can see all my VA fees on my website:

And we can have a discovery call for free to talk about what you want without no obligation.

I look forward to helping you in your journey of online teaching and venturing out on your own.

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