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TPT Store Updated Products!

My latest TPT Reading comprehension products are up in my TPT story. I am super excited I got 6 of them done yesterday. I was having a productive day.

I use these lessons in my reading classes on Outschool, I love them because they change topics with each story. This helps keeps students interest and helps them learn to love reading. They are not very long stories, and each one asks comprehension questions about the story. This helps teach students to go back to the story and look for the answers. Each story is in 2 forms, PDF and google slides.

I have 8 grade levels of stories, but only up to grade 3 on my store. I am slowly working towards getting them all up there.

If there is a specific grade you would like to see on my store let me know and I will happily get it up for you.

Below are 2 of the latest ones I loaded to my store. If you want to see more check out my store here:

Does Music Charm Snakes?

This 3rd grade story tells about how music does not really charm snakes and what the trick really is when people do this in countries like India.

What are ant colonies?

This story talks about what an ant colony is and the jobs of each any in the colony.

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