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Outschool Class Thumbnails

Have you ever wondered how teachers on outschool create their class thumbnails?

Are you struggling to figure out how to make them look so professional?

Its not as hard as it looks. For me I use Canva, they have great templates on Canva and the rest is just customizing these templates. But Canva does not have a specific template for Outschool thumbnails.... So which template is the right size?

I use the YouTube thumbnail or the presentation mode and save this as a PNG. Simple right?!

Ok, I understand that some people might not think it is so easy, and some people may struggle with how to even do this, or not have a Canva account (or the paid version). So, as a VA (virtual assistant), I can help. I can either teach you how to do this with a couple of zoom meetings, or I can create them for you.


The first option, you can go over to my website and set up a discovery call we can chat about what it is you want to learn and how many you want to create. This first call is free and we can set up a plan for what I am going to teach you.

The second option is if you want me to create the thumbnails for you and you just upload them to your outschool class pages. This would be you hiring me as a VA to take this task off your plate allowing you more time to teach. If you want to do this click this button below to see my prices and sign up for a free discovery call to discuss what it is you are looking for.

Ok I hope this helps you and I look forward to connecting with you, and helping your online business grow.

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