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How to create an Outschool Class thumbnail?

I created this video back in Feb to show how to create a thumbnail image or cover image for your Outschool class. 

This video shows you how I use the presentation templates in Canva to create a cover image, and design it to fit your brand and topic of your class. Then take that, turn it into an image file and load on Outschool. 

This helps parents and students be able to recognize your classes by the images you use, describing your class and identifying you and your brand. I recommend you use the same images for the same types of classes. Like I have 8 grade levels for my reading class, and each image for each class is the same, with just the specific level in text on the image changes to fit that level. 

I have also used google slides for this as well, with the same idea and saving the page as a PNG and uploading that to your Outschool class. 

As a VA I am able to help you with this as well, in either Canva or google slides. I can create your class cover photos for you to load to your classroom. Is this something you would be interested in having me do for you? 

Meeting with me for the first time is FREE, check it out here and book a free discovery call today! 

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