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How to create a background in Google Slides that is un-editable?

I often use Google slides in my online classes. I was always worried about sharing my presentations with my students in classes because I didn't want them messing them or changing things in my slide presentation.

I also wanted to find a way to make them a little more appealing and fun to look at.

I have watched a ton of videos about a lot of different topics on YT and I happened upon one where the teacher showed how to make an un-editable background on your google slides that no one you shared it with could mess with at all unless they too knew how to edit the background on google slides. 😃

Basically you use the slide option and way at the bottom it says edit theme. This is where you can edit the main theme for the presentation you have open and customize it to what you want.

This is also great for making activities like drag and drop for students to be able to manipulate the presentation without messing any thing up.

I am linking a video below where I show you how I do this.

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