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Creating a Custom Header

So I have been learning about how to create a custom header, I have done this some in the past, but now with a new software available to use to create these, it is a game changer. I am sure you have heard of it, Canva.

This software is so cool, it has millions of templates for anything you could possibly want to create including headers for all the places you want to put one. But you also can customize these templates or create your own. The possibilities are endless.

Recently I watched a video on YT and learned about using Canva to create headers for both google forms and google classroom. This for some reason was something I had not thought of. Although I have not used these awesome tools much, I know many teachers do. So if you want help customizing headers for these tools let me know. I am here to help.

Something I have used this for is on my TPT store, both the header and even a GIF in the banner. How did I do this you say? In Canva of course. 😊

I also have created my own headers on Social media, FB , IG, and YT are the three I frequent on. I have worked towards creating a uniform look across all platforms and my website, using the same branding colors, logo, and text. All important factors in making your business recognizable to others as you get your name out there in the internet world.

😲 But what if your thinking I don't have the time or the energy or know how to learn how to do this? Or you just are not that creative of a person?

👍 I can help! As a experience online teacher and VA I can help you create these things for your business, and customize them to your business.

I also can help you with getting together important things like colors, logo, and fonts to help create a brand for your business.

Don't wait, shoot me an email now to set up your free discovery call to talk more about is and see if we are a good fit. I look forward to working with you and helping you grow your business.

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